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travel insurance

The last thing anyone needs when travelling for business or pleasure are problems associated with the trip. Government regulations and visa control have become more strict to minimise risks. Thus, a comprehensive travel plan would benefit a lot of travelers for a variety of reasons.

Travel insurance provides coverage for incurred losses during travel and emergency medical expenses either internationally or within one’s individual country. Arrangement of a temporary travel insurance can be done during the time when a trip is booked to cover the duration of that specific trip. In addition, there is a “multi-trip” policy that can provide cover for an infinite number of trips within a specific duration.

Some of the risks covered by travel insurance include, but are not limited to emergency evacuation, emergency medical treatment, trip cancellation, delayed or lost baggage, and delayed flights.

RAK Insurance has designed a product that provides cover to most eventualities that happen while travelling. These include emergency evacuation, emergency medical treatment, compassionate visit, mortal remains repatriation, essential medicine delivery and medical advice by means of telephone, lost baggage, trip cancellation, personal accident benefits, and legal assistance.

In line with our core values, the cover of our travel insurance policy is clear and transparent. This gives the customers the relaxation they need knowing that their travel is covered by our insurance policy. Our customers would know that the requirements meets or even exceed their needs and expectations.

Our customers are offered with a standard travel insurance. Additional cover can be added depending on the requirements of the client. Exceptions include winter sports or medical conditions that are pre-existing.